Gizmodo Space Week

From Gizmodo:
Why We Need to Reach the Stars (and we will)
"...space exploration is the most epic and most important adventure Humanity has ever embarked upon. When we travel to space we are opening the way to the preservation of Humanity. We are trying to contact other civilizations. We are trying to answer the biggest questions of them all: Who are we? Why are we here? How did we get here? Are we alone in this rock we call Earth?"

From Earth To Moon Redux: How The Next Moonshot Will Happen
"May 2019: Our scheduled return to the moon. There's plenty of laboring to be done on the Constellation Program before then, but the foundation is set. Here's how you—as an astronaut—would experience the mission"

Are We Spending Too Much On NASA?
From comments: "1 world, 6.5 billion people and counting. We are spending FAR too little on NASA."

10 Everyday Gadgets with Ties to the Space Program
"Chances are you use a gadget touched by space technology each and every day."

Eating like an Astronaut: Our Six Course Space Food Taste Test

"Eating is one of life's most important activities, and the same applies in space. Every astronaut eats three times a day, and yesterday for lunch, Adam and I had space food. It was awesome."

The Charms of Soyuz: Blasting Off In a Crazy Russian Rocket
"Yesterday, I wrote about what launching aboard a Space Shuttle is like. This time, let's consider the Russian Soyuz rocket and spacecraft. Why? Isn't a rocket a rocket? Is it really that different? Yes and no, no and yes. They both get astronauts into space in around nine minutes. But, they are very different."

Pre-Launch Jitters and Then... Liftoff

"What's it like to go through a launch? How does it feel? Are you able to sleep the night before? Do you get scared? What do you eat before?"