Public opinion on space exploration survey

Everett Group's Survey on Space Exploration

Purpose of the study:
  • "Gauge Americans’ impressions of the space program relative to other national institutions
  • Determine what the public perceives to be the greatest benefits of the space program
  • Gauge the level of public support for an increase in funding for the space program
  • Identify future missions that the public would support"
"Key Take-Aways
  • Most Americans are interested in the space program (60%) but an alarming number have no interest at all (19%). Interest is particularly soft among women.
  • On the positive side, large majorities feel that the space program is important to national security (71%), contributes to national pride (79%), and inspires young people to study math and science (82%).
  • Half of the public feel that the space program has not directly improved their lives in any way. Those who do, however, cite technological developments and knowledge about the universe.
  • Most believe that the U.S. continues to explore space in order to maintain our status as an international leader or because it is human nature to explore."
From the PowerPoint presentation:

From these results it seems that NASA's current mission of returning to the moon is not what the American public considers the best use of its money. It also seems that the public as a whole isn't too sure what they want NASA to do at all.

Link to survey originally found on NASA Watch

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