Is NASA a scam?

NASA delivers a little bit for a whole lot of money ?

"It is the same old scam NASA has been playing out for decades — the same one that gave us the shuttle and space station, two of the biggest boondoggles in recent American history.

NASA promises a whole lot for a little bit of money.

And it delivers a little bit for a whole lot of money."

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  1. Stolen from one of the comments to the article in the above link:
    Dave wrote:
    "I won't defend everything that NASA does because they certainly have their problems. But you have to remember that NASA tries to do what no one else has ever tried to do. You ignorantly say there is "no return" on the money spent by NASA? What a fool you are. Virtually every creature comfort you people enjoy today can in some way be traced back to NASA research. That is a FACT. That's what happens when you develop new technologies. You find new ways to do things. You find new ways to manufacture things. You find things you had no idea you would find. Only the blind, dumb, and ignorant would put a halt to that. Unfortunately, from reading this commentary and reading these comments, its easy to see we have a lot of blind, dumb, and ignorant buffoons out there who have no idea how the real world works (that includes YOU Mike Thomas). NASA tries to do an impossible job. They do things no one else has ever done before, and they have to do it maneuvering around self-serving politicians in a politically correct world. How can anyone succeed in such a system? Well NASA has, and under the circumstances, they've done a remarkable job. Are they perfect? Far from it. It could be much better. But to simply close the doors is small-minded and short-sighted. But I guess its too much to ask you fools to look beyond your own selfish needs.

    Oh,and NASA's budget over the years has averaged less than ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT of the federal budget. It is MINISCULE compared to the other wasteful pork that Congress spends every year. Where is your outrage over the other waste that you most certainly never see a return on? Very selective criticism I think. "